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Radio Show – 29 January 2012 – Episode 52
January 29, 2012, 9:59 am
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Pastoral acoustic folk, dark folk, psych, eerie soundscapes, vintage synth, BBC radiophonics, new electronica and more…the early Human League stuff is particulary raw both aurally and visually but yet remains totally essential…

Claude Mono hosts

Listen Here


Adderbury Creation Myth – Adrian Corker – The Way of the Morris OST

Wyrdstone – ‘M Enilla Chyfaill – Cuffern

Wyrdstone – Hecate’s Garden – Cuffern

Wyrdstone – Lost At Ty Canol – Cuffern

Flying Lotus – Aunties Harp

The Unthanks – Gone To The Kye – Lust

Artist Unknown – interlude – Justin Weaver’s Medieval Psychout

Pamela Wyn Shannon – Moss

Belbury Poly – The People – The Owls Map

Festival – Blind Us All – Come Arrow Come

Sun Araw – Fit For Ceasar – Ancient Romans

The Stepkids – Shadows On Behlaf – Stepkids EP

Sun Araw – Implovium – Ancient Romans

Pocketknife – Intro – Fader Strange Alchemy MIxtape

Broadcast and The Focus Group – What I Saw – Fader Strange Alchemy MIxtape

The Creatures  – Inoa ‘Ole – Feast

The Creatures  – Gecko – Feast

Trentemoller – Sycamore Feeling – Into The Great Wide Yonder

Ennio Morricone – Astratto 3 – Crime and Dissonance

Ennio Morricone – Paura E Aggressione – Crime and Dissonance

Krzysztof Komeda and Mia Farrow – Rosemary’s Baby Theme Rosemary’s Baby OST

Magdalena Solis – Klara Has A Vision – Hesperia

The Glove – Relax – Robert Smith Vocal Demo – Blue Sunshine

Whirling Hall Of Knives – Saw The Recurrent Future – Saw The Recurrent Future

The Goner – Bitemarks – Bitemarks EP

ABoneCroneDron – Sheila Chandra

Alchemists of Sound intro excerpt

Delia Derbyshire – Liquid Energy Rhythm

White Noise  – Your Hidden Dreams – Electrical Storm

Broadcast – Through The Gates of Yesterday – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Belbury Poly – Seed Ships  – From An Ancient Star

The Human League – Being Boiled – 1978 Demo

Sun Glitters – Beside Me (Blackbird Remix) – Everything Could Be Remodelled

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Mitt Der Welt – I a Moon

check out these syths…

really raw but some CLASSIC glitch in this …

“…My guess is that Martin’s Jupiter 4 was playing the main squarewave riff, while Ian’s System 100 was doing drums. The tape player was probably used for the chunk-chunk-chunk bassline”.


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