The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 15 January 2012 – Episode 50
January 19, 2012, 12:42 pm
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Jane Harris – Misery Cares – Released by: Meupe / Badminton Bandit – 2011

Unhalfbricking – Fairport Convention Released by Island Records –  1969

Tristan Gibbs hosts Episode 50 – Hauntology, soundtracks, psych folk, electronica, old and new, and most importantly of all amazing local sounds from some of the artists who will be playing in person for your listening and visual pleasure at our very first Golden Apples Festival. Let the love begin…

Listen Here

Jonny Trunk – Busy Busy – Scrapbook

Marc Wilkinson – Mark Alone – Blood on Satan’s Claw OST

Walter Schumann – Pretty Fly – Night of the Hunter OST

Lubos Fiser – Letter 2/Friends – Valerie and her Week of Wonders OST

The Advisory Circle – Hocusing for Beginners – Other Channels

Vashti Bunyan – Diamond Day – Just Another Diamond Day

Jane Harris – Misery Cares

Lesley Duncan – Love Song – Gather in the Mushrooms

Orriel Smith – Tiffany Glass – Fuzzy-felt Folk

Espers – Sightings – III

Fairport Convention – Autopsy – Unhalfbricking

Claude Vasori – Folk Guitar – Fuzzy-felt Folk

Nate Young – Comes Unbidden – Stay Asleep (Regression, Vol. 2)

Moon Wiring Club – Elizabethan Automata – Clutch It Like a Gonk

Balam Acab – Expect – Wander/Wonder

Andrew Sinclair – A Dream of Deserts – Harghada Dreams

Mei Swan – Perch

Ermine Coat – M.E. – LP

Rabbit Island – Juliasarahtarasam – O God, Come Quick

Basil Kirchin – Concept Suite Featuring the Atonals: “Secret Conversations Between Instruments”

The Books – Be Good to Them Always – Lost and Safe

The Focus Group – Lifting Away – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Francoise Hardy – Le Premier Bonheur du Jour

The Focus Group – Modern Harp – Hey Let Loose Your Love

Gong – Love Is How Y Make It – Angels Egg

The Focus Group – String Sine Romance – Hey Let Loose Your Love

PJ Harvey – The Mountain – White Chalk

Deerhoof – Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia – Deerhoof vs Evil

Harmonia – Notre Dame – Deluxe

Tristram Cary – Music for Light (Short Orange) – It’s Time for Tristram Cary

Stereolab – Pinball – Fluorescences EP

Rangers – Zeke’s Dream – Pan Am Stories

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