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Radio Show – 18 December – Sproatly Smith Presents…
December 18, 2011, 4:57 am
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2011 has been the first year of The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show, the year of our virginity, a  year where we explored and discovered together many different sounds from many different places. One of our most exciting discoveries has been the artist Sproaty Smith from Hereford in the UK. One of the finest purveyors of folk and psych playing it just how we like it, and although they have four studio albums, Sproatly Smith have only had their own first ever live gig this year.  Here for you through the wonders of The Interweb and coming from the cold short dark winter days of Herefordshire  Sproatly Smith have prepared a full 80 minute mix of some of the music they like, music that inspires them and music they would like to inspire the Golden Apples listeners with. Sproaty Smith have also just re-released their ‘Christmas’ album – it’s called ‘Carols From Hereford’ and is a limited edition run at Reverb Worship and there are only 50 copies – and only about 40 left according to Roger Linney – and while you are  there check out some of the Sproatly Smith reviews and the other great Reverb Worship Limited Editions – all out there stuff. Here at the Golden Apples we just enjoy the music but Sproatly Smith are certainly receiving some high praise. Jeanette Leech author of Seasons They Change and Folk Us Reviewer at Shindig has just given the new album ‘The Minstrel’s Grave’ a great review!!! – well apparently – as I still get my Shindig via Royal Mail.

You can stream the show here – the Playlist is below

Also for use with your favourite listening device we have uploaded the Golden Apples Sproatly Smith Mix at 320kbps  high quality– without the breaks and that annoying voice of Claude Mono trying to keep the show together.

Part 1

Part 2

Sproatly Smith – digital downloads here

Reverb Worship – CDs and Special hand-crafted Editions here



Ken Nordine – Hello

Jack Nitzsche – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Ass – Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s very bad

COB – Evening Air

Dando Shaft – I Heard Somewhere

The Sun Also Rises – Flowers

Andrew Hockey – There Is A Mountain

PART 2 (for sarah)

Wizz Jones – No More Time To Try

Folkdove – Pretty Saro

Tir Na Nog – Our Love Will Not Decay

Tipsy – Sweet Cinnamon Punch (High Llamas re-mix)

Oberon – Time Past, Time Come

Haruko – Goodbye My Love, Goodbye


Phillip Astle – Miri it is

Sproatly Smith – Beetle

Us and Them – Fire Leap

Charles Manson – I’ll never say never to always

Roundtable – Where Do You Go

Natural Snow Buildings – Gone

Pamela Wyn Shannon – Woolgathering

Sproatly Smith – Song For Annie Needham

Life On Earth – You are there

Sproatly Smith – Lullaby


Novemthree – Reaching the summit at nightfall

York Pop music Project – Changes

Barbara Moore – Steam Heat

These Trails – Hello Lou

The Superimposers – The Little Things

Synanthesia  – Rolling And Tumbling

Sybille Baier – The End

…from Carols from Hereford

Sproatly Smith – Christ Made a Trance

Sproatly Smith – O Little Town of Bethlehem

….from Claude Mono

Prologue – The Night Before Christmas

Magdelena Solis – The Pigs Monastery

Jethro Tull – Birthday Card at Christmas

Jethro Tull  – Christmas Song

Devendra Banhart – The Spirit Within


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World-striding psych-folk yuletide link up a-gogo 🙂

Comment by Mark Waters

Hey, could you post this week’s playlist? So many great tunes i can’t ID…
Thank you, love the show 🙂

Comment by kadgi

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