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September 3, 2011, 4:55 am
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…a young lad lounges on vividly green grass in total sunlight in apparently blissful, Arcadian communion with a cute woodland animal. The hedgehog’s spikes suggest it could be dangerous, and yet the hedgehog and the child seem like friends, and no threat is posed to the child – indeed, with his withdrawn hands and relative distance, the boy seems suitably respectful of the hedgehog. It’s a utopian scene, given extra evocative, sentimental charm by the child’s circa-nineteen-seventies hair and clothing…but…

The Golden Apples suggest you sit down give yourself some time – perhaps stream one of the recent shows from this blog – and read this really interesting article posted by Adam Harper here

More from Andrew Harper’s post

The opening of Geogaddi, where ‘Ready lets go’ leads into ‘Music is math’, is one of the most memorable moments in Boards of Canada’s discography. The tape weathering on ‘Ready lets go’ isn’t particularly heavy, but higher frequencies are attenuated and mild compression can be heard when the broken chords of the upper part enter, both sonic hallmarks of a twentieth-century domestic cassette player. A low-pass filter on the synthesiser is opened and closed randomly, apparently by hand, and the synthesiser’s pitch is oscillating slowly and gently, reproducing the effect of a warped tape or record spinning in the machine thus ‘breaking the fourth wall’ – we’re listening to a listening experience, listening about listening. More complex, psychedelic sounds of indeterminate origin can be heard in the distance towards the track’s end.


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