The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

radio show – August 7 – episode 26
August 7, 2011, 10:29 am
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Put on your headphones… Claude Mono commences with authentic Golden Apples neo-folk thanks to Sproatly Smith – his new thing, and then travels aurally through dreampop and glitch towards nu-psychedelia stopping along the way for sri-beats and some authentic sunshine pop – and the best Violent Femmes cover version ever…

Listen here

Cartol Batton – Bee-ing – Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word
Sproatly Smith – Spring Strathspey – Pixieled
Sproatly Smith – The Magpies Nest – Pixieled
Sproatly Smith – Pixieled – Pixieled
Least Carpet – Rivers – Least Carpet EP
Voice of the Seven Woods – Return To Byzantium – Voice of the Seven Woods
Poor Richard – As I Walk – Wayfaring Strangers
Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone (Professor Oaks)
Moongazing Hare – Hail To The White Grain – Is This The Coming of Summer
Fulka – Mystery Of The Seven Stars – Fulka
Anois – November – The Tree Whisperer
Colleen – The Heart Harmonicum – The Golden Morning Breaks
Dial Up Internet Sound Slowed Down – Sound Effect
Ruth White – Evening Harmony – Needle Exchange Trish Keenan Tribute
Sun Glitters – Everything Could Be Fine (Astroboy Remix) – Everything Could Be Remodelled
Sun Glitters – Love Me (Papercutz Remix) – Everything Could Be Remodelled
Galapagos – You Gave 2 Me
Seekae – Mingus – Dome
Diger Rokwell – Ella – Sri Diger
Perth – Jilted
Cosmic Trip Machine – Haze of Days – The Curse of Lord Space Devil
Cults – Go Outside – Colleen – Goodbye Sunshine – Everyone Alive Wants Answers
The Soundcarriers – Last Broadcast – Celeste
Erol Alkan – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – Zodiac
Spanky and our Gang – Like To Get To Know You – Like To Get To Know You
Gulls – Blister In The Sun
The Owl Service – Time Is Ripe – Echoes From The Mountain


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