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radio show 24 july – Episode 24
July 24, 2011, 9:26 am
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Craig McElhinney also known to some as the elusive Henry Neil McMagic presents a GAotS handcrafted genre-busting mixtape in three parts: Get Loose, Get Real, Stay High

Claude also plays a few tracks including the GAotS theme in its full extended glory

Downloadable Soundcloud streams of Craig’s mixes and his most intimate thoughts about each track can be found at Life of Noise Eat a Bag of Mix

You can play the full show here

Chapter 1 : GET LOOSE
Devendra Banhart — “The Spirit is Near“
Lucky Dragons — “Mirror Friends“
Feat. Bonnie Beecher
Alog — “Pesce Spada“
Sun Arrow – THe Standout
Run DMT — “Money“
Craig McElhinney — “I Wish You Had Believed Me” (excerpt)
Jah Shaka — “Conquering Dub“
Durlin Lurt — “Gimme 5″
Holy Sons — “Drifter’s Sympathy“
War of the Worlds Outro

Chapter 2 : GET REAL
Fennesz — “Endless Summer“
Holy Sons — “Ready To Die“
Hugo Filho — “Paraibo“
Fore Thoughts — “Shabaz Qualander“
Lamborghini Crystal — “Side B” (excerpt)
John and Eve McLaughlin — “Oh My Soul My Friend“
Far East Family Band — “Kokoro“
Pink Floyd — Time (loop) feat. Robert Redford talking about real estate
Jim Sullivan — “U.F.O.“
Led Zeppelin — “Dazed & Confused” (loop)
TEEBS — “Bern Rhythm“
Leo Kottke — “The Fisherman” (live bootleg)
Sonny & Linda Sharrock — “Blind Willie“
Bill Cosby — “People Make Mistakes“

Chapter 3 : STAY HIGH
John Cameron — “Crystals” feat. Lord of the Rings Audio Book (excerpt)
Byron Bard interview (sample)
Grails — “Corridors of Power“
Silver Bulletin — “Mysterium Sacred Oils“
Six Organs of Admittance — “Journey Through Sankuan Pass“
Nash the Slash — “Blind Windows“
Holy Sons — “Possession“
Fabulous Diamonds — “Untitled 3″
Demdike Stare — “Hashashin Chant“
Konono No 1 — “Fula Fula” — Fula Fula
Ennio Morricone — “Deep down“

Claude selects :
Bon Iver – The Wolves Acts I and II – For Emma Forever Ago
Kieran White – Hummingbird – Wayfaring Strangers Lonesome Heroes
Anita Lane – Sexual Healing – Dirty Pearl
Yann Tiersen – Palestine – Dust lane
Hava Take – Advisory Circle and The Focus Group – Ghost Box EP
Fern Knight – The Poisoner – Castings
The Millennium – Karmic Dream Sequence # 1 – Millennium Box Set
Blue Parsley – Listen With Sara – Folk Off


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