The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – June 7 – Episode 17
June 9, 2011, 11:46 am
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17 episodes in and the journey of musical discovery continues as Jade N gets all creative and obscure…listen here


Circulus – Within You Is The Sun -Thought Becomes Reality
Demdike Stare – Repository Of Light (Excerpt) – Voices Of Dust
Wolf People – Morning Born -Steeple
Blood Ceremony -Children Of The Future – Blood Ceremony
Ernst Schultz – Paranoia Picknick – Cloud Cuckooland: 20 Garish Quills Plucked From the Plumage of Krautrock’s Lesser Spotted Flock
Richard In Your Mind – Lightning Eyes -My Volcano
Antique Doll – Flyght -Shindig! Presents It’s Happening Volume 1
Bjork – Cocoon – Vespertine
Aphex Twin – Nannou – Windowlicker (B-Side)
Rabbit Island – Mountain Ranger – O God, Come Quick
The Luyas – Cats In A Bag – Faker Death
Akron/Family – Running, Returning – Akron/Family
Paul Fiocco – Torson and Drifts (Excerpt) – New Weird Australia Volume 2
Broadcast and the Focus Group – Tuesday’s Offering – Study Series 04: Famiiar Shapes and Noises
BBC Holiday Sound Effects – Seagulls Over Cliff –
The Owl Service feat. Allison O’Donnell – William and Earl Richard’s Daughter – The Fabric Of Folk
William Tyler – The Green Pastures – Behold The Spirit
Aleister Crowley – Excerpts from the Gnostic Mass – Black Magic Recordings 1910-1914
Luup – Horse Heart – Meadow Ritual
The Soundcarriers – Out Of Place – Celeste
Emmanuel Brun – La Voix Psychedelique – Mindexpanders Volume 1
Francis Lai – Snow Frolic – Love Story (Soundtrack)
BBC Holiday Sound Effects – Kids In Playground
The Go! Team – Super Triangle – Rolling Blackouts
The Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band – Floating – The BYG Deal
Mogollar – Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Boyle – Love, Peace and Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Donovan Said – Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request
Donovan – Cosmic Wheels – Cosmic Wheels
BBC Holiday Sound Effects – Fruit Machine
Jean-Claude Vannier – Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rouse – L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches
Vangelis – La Petite Fille De La Mer – L’Apocalypse Des Animaux
A Pod of Right Whales (Literally) – Deep Breathing – Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record
Megapuss – Surfing – Surfing
Clark – The Autumnal Crush – Body Riddle


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