The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Let it begin….
February 1, 2011, 10:20 am
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“The Golden Apples of the Sun” is a new show on the RTR FM Program Grid for 2011. The show is on Sun afternoons from 2pm – 4pm. Golden Apples is music presented by a small informed and passionate collective. It’s a new place for Folktronica, Freak Folk, New Weird, Glitch and Lo-fi Chillwave. Over 2 hours a melting pot of beats, field recordings and atmospherics with thematic elements and an edge. An important element will be a local focus with special guests and selections from Local and travelling artists. This is not a beards and cardigans acoustic folk show (nothing wrong with that mind you!!)….

The Golden Apples of the Sun that inspired the name of the show is a limited edition compilation of contemporary folk music curated by musician Devendra Banhart for the art magazine Arthur Magazine. The title comes from a Ray Bradbury short story (which is itself taken from a line in the poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by William Butler Yeats). It collected 20 songs performed by recent underground folk and psychedelic artists and has since become considered the definitive compilation of what some have dubbed the New Weird America movement. It also featured artwork by Banhart himself….more at  wikipedia


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