The Golden Apples of the Sun Radio Show

Radio Show – 14 September 2014 – Episode 186
September 14, 2014, 9:44 am
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On this edition of the Golden Apples we will be riding solar flares and the hot winds of barren deserts and steaming swamps with guest curators Dr Gonzo and The MFG

…special sounds…

Listen Here (Select 14 September show)


Portico Quartet – Export For Hot Climates

Build An Ark – Sunshine

Nuyorcian Soul – Black Gold Of The Sun

Calexico – Ice Cream Jeep

The Flaming Lips – Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell

The Aerial Maps – The Ballard Of The Nullabor

Eddy Current Suppression Ring                – Winter’s Warm

The Amorphous Androgynous- Opus Of The Black Sun

Nick Drake – Fly

Mei Saraswati – Heat Rumble

J P Shilo – La Sireno

Dirty Three – Furnace Skies

Jimi Tenor + Kabu Kabu – Sunrise

Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining

Theo Parrish – Summertime Is Here

Bonnie Prince Billy – Strange Form Of Life

Calexico – Point of Vincente

The Byrds – The Christian Life

Solar Bears – Solarization

Fatima – Sun, Star Solar

La Kabala – Miami Beach

Dr Rokkit – Summer Love

Nicolas Jaar – Problem With The Sun

John Cale – Heartbreak Hotel

The Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat

The Heliocentrics – Age Of The Sun

Naik – Solar Temples

Elvis Presley – Blue Moon

Neil Young – After The Goldrush

Zomby – Sunshine In November

Hell – Hellracer

Sun Araw – Trireme

Cranium Pie – Drying In The Sun

The GoatMan Original Soundtrack – Performed by the Unseen
September 14, 2014, 9:34 am
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….an interesting soundtrack over at The Active Listener. The story roughly transcribed from The Active Listener Bandcamp Page goes something like this…

Last summer, at a horror movie convention somewhere in London, I was introduced to Septic Boaby. We had both grown up in West Lothian, Scotland, a few miles apart, but had never met. Immediately impressed by his knowledge of British horror movies, and by his enthusiasm for electronic music, I shook his hand with vigour whilst making noises of extreme enthusiasm. Later we met again at a pub where we discussed film soundtrack memories and a film seen when we were perhaps ten years old. It was about a young married couple who move to a Somerset cottage and have a terrifying encounter with the occult. It was called The GoatMan, it was made in late 1973, and it was directed by Simon Grundig.  Septic was delighted that I remembered, and agreed at once that the film was indeed called The GoatMan. As children, we had been profoundly unsettled not only by the film’s content, but also the musical score, recorded by a duo calling themselves The Unseen. (Amazingly, we both remembered the name from the opening credits.)…

the goatman OST

Radio Show 7 September 2014 – Episode 185
September 14, 2014, 9:31 am
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selda vinyl

For Fathers Day 2014 Diger Rokwell presents an all vinyl selection of the special sounds that get handed down from one generation to the next for all the old mans and all  their old ladies…enjoy

Listen Here (select the 7 September show)


Walter Carlos – Summer- Sonic Seasnoings

Terje Rypdall – Kjare Maren

Bjorn Jason Lindh- Your Own House – Sissle

Jay Richford and Gary Stevan – Having Fun – Feelings

Leong Lau – That Rongeng Sound – That Rongeng Sound

Jean-Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood – Cosmic Messenger

George Duke – Feel – Feel

Robert Glasper Experiment – Smells like Teen Spirit – Black Radio

Taylor McFerrin – Degrees of Light – Early Riser

Teebs – Estara – Estara

Madlib – Bomb – Pinata Bombs

Mablib – Robes – Pinata Beats

Bo Hansson – The Ring Goes South – Lord of the Rings

Niemen Eingmstic – Bema – Pamieci Zalobny

Stan Borys – Wola Mnie Dal – Szukam Przyjaciela

Cem Karaca – Deniz Ustil – Kupurur

Alplay – Can Karagozlum – Yekte

Selda – Gardasim Hasso – Selda

King Crimson – Formentera Lady – ISLANDS

Yes – Your Move – The Yes Album

Colonell Elliott and The Lunatics Interstellar – Heavy Mob – Insterstellar Reggae Drive

Neil yOUNG – oLD mAN – harvest

Glass Prism – A DREAM WITHIN A dream – Poe Through the Glass Prism

RJ Fox Band
September 3, 2014, 1:39 pm
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rj fox band

Amazing filmed sessions from early 70s San Francisco West Coast private press Folk Rockers … take me to Laurel Canyon take me to heaven…

Cerrone with The Kongas
August 31, 2014, 10:18 am
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Radio Show – 31 August 2014 – Episode 184
August 31, 2014, 10:17 am
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drago mlinarec GA final

at home with Drago Mlinarec

Presenting a special Golden Apples  … a much requested return ‘trip’ and new selection from Predrag (Pex) Delibasic our man in Smrts – and his amazing record collection – expect obscure psych folk acoustic pop and underground sounds from former Yugoslavia and beyond…

listen to the full show restream Here

mixcloud HQ Steam – just the music Here


1. tomaz pengov – sarkofagi
2. tomaz pengov – ladje konkvistadorjev
3. kladivo konj in voda – na cesti
4. trio dag – jutro jednog fauna
5. trio dag – ljubav

6. anica dobra – cveta tresnja
7. hana selimovic & boris kovac – rosina pesma
8. dinka & branka – beli sal
9. sedmina – jutro

10. josipa lisac – o jednoj mladosti
11. jadranka stojakovic – na licu tvom
12. cinc – mart
13. bo – depresivna pesma

14. drago mlinarec – srebri se mraz
15. drago mlinarec – posmrtna osveta
16. pop masina – slike iz proslih dana
17. s vremena na vreme – cudno drvo

18. boris kovac – dance-joy in manchuria
19. boris kovac – mandala

20. prkos drumski – ruska bajka
21. mance – bura
22. mance – carinici narkomani
23. cinc – kesanje

Claude plays out the show

24. Least Carpet – II – Abendrot – Least Carpet II

25. A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Bury Me in the Clothes I was Married in – You Have Already Gone To The Other World

26. A Hawk and a Hacksaw –  God Bless the Ottoman Empire – The Way The Wind Blows

27. Hala Strana – Streets of Raised Platforms – Hala Strana

enseada espacial – leptirica
August 30, 2014, 9:58 am
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