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Hauntological Videos by Wotan Althorpe
August 23, 2014, 1:32 pm
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More at Blank Workshop

woodbines and spiders
August 23, 2014, 1:12 pm
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woodbines and spiders 2


Radio Show 10 August – Episode 181- Perth
August 10, 2014, 9:12 am
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GAotS Local Edition 2014 v2

Claude Mono presents Perth – local music for local people – weird and wonderful

…apologies to lots of artists not in the mix – there was about an hour of complete fab stuff on the cutting room floor – Part 2 is assured

Listem HERE

Mixcloud HQ Steam – just the music – HERE

Postcard from Perth

Leaving (aka Rupert Thomas) – Belief Systems – New Needs

Mei Saraswati - Spiritual Journey Pt1

Sian Brown - Love Me Like Water – Aurora Cat

Mei Saraswati – Spiritual Journey Pt2

Jane Harris – Misery – New Weird Australia, Western Schism

Gilded – Expand Contact – Terrane

Gilded – Tyne – Terrane

The Triffids – Too Hot To Move Too Hot To Think (Demo) – The Black Swan

Cow Parade Cow - Windsurfing Music – Big Sky

Usurper of Modern Medicine - Motorolla Borealis

Coel Healy - Kep – Bleak Summer

Elk Bell – I Never Wanted You Like I Now Do – Superfragilistic

Water Graves – Low Tide – Water Graves EP

The Lammas Tide – The Murky Deep – Boost Hero Man Remix

Scenic – Kelly Watch The Stars

Eleventeen Eston - Shoelace episode 1 (Hugo’s theme prelude) – Delta Horizon Cassette

Eleventeen Eston – Panulirus Cygnus – Delta Horizon Cassette

Mei Saraswati – Swamp Gospel

Mei Saraswati – Show

Cow Parade Cow – Before The Sharks – Before The Sharks

Cow Parade Cow – Back To The North – Before The Sharks

Usurper of Modern Medicine – Panacea (feat. Kučka) – Omniliberation

Sacred Flower Union - Sprite – Field of Dreams

Rokwell and Groom - Impossible Alps – New Parts

Mind Canary - Never Listen

Tame Impala - Stranger in Moscow

Stina – Hinkley

Flower Drum - Swim Down -Ylem Remix

Joni in the Moon – Sorrow Tree 1 – Sorrow Trees

SMRTS – Palanka Calling

Mudlark – Fine Ointment – Zimdahl

Furchick – Coming down in Coral Bay – Suck

Lower Spectrum – Introduction – Lower Spectrum EP

perth – Lazy Boy (Ghost Drums Remix)



larry jon wilson – sapelo (yap z rework)
August 10, 2014, 5:07 am
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This got lost in my FB stream but I keep revisiting it which must be a good sign so I am putting it here too.

“I love this remix and just cannot get it out of my head. It needed a little video that captures its beautiful atmospherics…enjoy – Larry Jon Wilson RIP would surely have dug this…” – Claude

larry jon wilson sojourner

The Goner – Sun On Stone
August 10, 2014, 5:04 am
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GAoTS is a big fan of the early work of The Goner from Sweden after discovering their Bitemarks EP over at Dying for Bad Music.  They are constantly morphing and re-emerging with new sounds drifting away from their initial psychedelic folk tales.  Here is a recent video and there are also interesting solo sounds from Daniel Westerlund as E-Gone under the tag “psych should hypnotise and bewitch…”

Radio Show – 3 August 2014 – Episode 180
August 9, 2014, 2:07 pm
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Presented by Sarah Delfante

Listen Here


Radical Face – Welcome Home – Ghost

Alfie – Bookends – If You’re Happy With You Need Do Nothing

Andrew Sinclair – Folk As Shit

Akron/Family – Future Myth

Animal Collective – Fireworks – Strawberry Jam

Mental Powers – Club Foot – Pro Bono

Adem – Launch Yourself (Four Tet remix)

Teebs – SOTM – E s t a r a

Wixel – I Know I Tried

Mount Wittenberg Orca – On and Ever Onward – Mount Wittenberg Orca

Mount Wittenberg Orca – haring Orb – Mount Wittenberg Orca

Mount Eerie – Through The Trees, Pt 2 – Clear Moon

Joanna Newsom – Book of Right On

Lara Malin – Sharks – Seven Weapons

Juana Molina – Martin Fierro

Hood  – Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive

Lali Puna – Together In Electric Dreams – I Thought I Was Over That

Gilded – Cluttered Room (Perth remix)                                                                              Y

Cave – Shikaakwa – Threace

The Album Leaf – The Audio Pool – One Day I’ll Be on Time

Laura Veirs – Rapture – Carbon Glacier

Talk West – Abode – Black Coral Sprig


Rdaio Show – 27 July 2014 – Episode 179
July 28, 2014, 12:25 pm
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girl with crown

Claude Mono presents.

From Arborea to Pearls Before Swine from Prince to Stevie Nicks… and a Mike Oldfield mix? …. oh Claude you’ve done it again…

Listen Here

Mixcloud HQ Stream – just the music


You Are Wolf – Swansong (Molly Bawn) – Hawk to the Hunting Gone

You Are Wolf – Cuckoo – Hawk to the Hunting Gone

You Are Wolf – Oh Ruin (Ben See acapella remix) – Hunting to the Hawk Gone (re-imaginations)

Arborea – Pale Horse Phantasm – Fortress of the Sun

Holy Spirits – Bridges – The Afternoon’s Blood EP

Sjofn – Married People

Prince – For You – For You

You Are Wolf – Doves – Hawk to the Hunting Gone

Pearls Before Swine – Images Of April – Balaklava

Tudor Lodge – Willow Tree – Lammas Tales Laments

Fern Knight – Prelude to Magpie Suite – Fern Knight

Bird From The Abyss – Powers Hidden – III

Broadcast – Hammer Without a Master – The Future Crayon

Broadcast – Chord Simple – The Future Crayon

Illume – Fleetwood Mac (Thunder Mix)

Stevie Nicks – Rhiannon (Piano Demo)

Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon (Live) – Fleetwood Mac Live

Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge Excerpt (1974 Demo Recording)

Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge Part One Excerpt (Original 1974 Stereo Mix)

Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn Part One Excerpt (Original 1975 Stereo Album Mix)

Mike Oldfield – Incantations Part 2 Hiawatha Excerpt

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (arr David Bedford) – The Orchestral Tubular Bells Excerpt

Rayyan Shihad – Tubular Bells

Mike Oldfield – The Bell – Tubular Bells Two

Mike Oldfield – Source of Secrets – Tubular Bells Three

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells III Live from London

Mike Oldfield – Woodhenge – Platinum


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